Qualified Social Worker

Q: Do I need to register before I qualify as a social worker?

A: Yes. The earlier you register the earlier we can complete all the relevant checks so your file is ready for use as soon as you tell us you are ready for work. We can also offer you unqualified work whilst you are studying. Its a perfect opportunity for you to build up valuable work experience whilst studying even if its only part time.

Q: When can I start work as a Social Worker?

A: As soon as we have received confirmation that you have passed your course and the checks Semester have to undertake, such as Disclosure and reference details are clear.

Q: How does Semester find work that suits me?

A: Semester has developed excellent links with local authorities who contact us with vacancies, but we are also a very pro-active company in our search for finding the work YOU want. Our promise to you is that we will do everything we can to find the work that YOU want and best suits your qualities.

Q: Are the assignments mainly in one field?

A: No we have assignments in a number of different fields including Mental Health, Hospital, Generic, Children and Families, Older People, Residential and more! All you need to do is tell us what kind of area YOU want to specialise in and we will do everything else on your behalf.

Q: Can I trust Semester to fulfil my requirements to the very best of their ability?

A: Yes. If at any time you are not totally satisfied TALK to us. We believe very strongly in developing excellent communication links with all our staff and our clients. Any problem you encounter we will do everything we possibly can to help you to solve it or solve it for you.

Q: Will Semester charge for finding me work?


Q: Am I obliged to undertake any work if I am registered?

A: No. So you have nothing to lose in registering.

Q: Will there always be a fully qualified consultant available to answer my queries and provide help and support?

A: yes

Q: Will it be worth my while registering with Semester

A: yes. Definitely!!!